Rhizome (\ ʁi.zom \) is an interactive installation exploring the theme of "Memory".

An 8mm Eumig projector from 1932, projects a holiday film captured in the sixties, on a visible surface of approximately 1.5m by 1m high.

The projector is equipped with a "Looping" device to continuously broadcast the 18 minutes film.

The projector is equipped with a contemporary mechanism (stepper motor) and a micro computer (Raspberry Pi).
A detector (sensor) quantifies the number of people present in front of the installation.
When more than 6 people are detected by the sensor, an abrasion device is automatically engaged, the film passes through a chemical solution that dilutes the image printed on the support.

The information present on the film gradually disappears from the original medium, but is now transferred to the memory, or onto the viewer’s recording tools (phone, camera), which in turn can be used for the narration, or the sharing on social networks in order to make this memory survive. If worth it ...

When less than 6 people are in front of the installation, the film continues the projection without abrasion, there are not enough narrators to transmit the memories.

It is above all a discreet and intimate installation, which addresses the theme of transmission, memory, forgetting, the time that passes, and the contemporary ways to transmit and engrave a moment.